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Distinctive Linings

Surreal Psychedelic Blend

Surreal Psychedelic Blend

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Supplier code: L-001446

Delve into whimsicality with a jacket lining so unique and captivating, it is nothing short of a masterpiece. The design draws on the influences of surrealism to dazzle the eye. The main motif pays homage to the psychedelic style, with mushrooms rendered in captivating detail that pops against the canvas. The blend of distinctive colors - dark olive green, peru, sienna, gray, and cadet blue, elevates the look to the sublime. These hues blend seamlessly together, creating a sense of vibrancy amidst tranquillity. The abundance of the dark olive green adds a refined depth that is beautifully accentuated with tones of interesting sienna and earthy Peru shades. Subtle undertones of gray give a neutral contrast to the wildness of the pattern, providing a visual pause in this aesthetic symphony. Cadet blue punctuates the design with its muted yet impactful presence, balancing the color story and adding an extra dash of intrigue. This unique jacket lining design is sure to make a statement in any custom, made-to-measure jacket, elevating your style quotient with a significant touch of art and exclusivity.

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