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Surrealist Canine Spectrum

Surrealist Canine Spectrum

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Supplier code: L-001546

Infuse personality into your custom-made jacket with our striking lining featuring the dynamics of abstract expressionism. This original piece of wearable art is brought to life in a blend of bold and subtle hues, similar to the works of renowned abstract expressionist artists. The main scene has a mesmerizing take on our playful canine friends, depicted in standout tones of lemon yellow. The background predominantly boasts the quiet intensity of DarkSlateGray and the soft warmth of DarkSalmon, creating a harmonious balance to the vivid foreground. Accent shades of CadetBlue, DimGray, and SteelBlue intermix throughout the design, creating a sense of motion and depth. This poignant fusion of color and expressionistic storytelling sets this lining apart as a unique and exclusive choice for those seeking to elevate their custom jacket into a fashion statement.

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