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Distinctive Linings

Surrealist Mona Transavanguardia

Surrealist Mona Transavanguardia

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Supplier code: L-001159

Dive into the intriguing depths of surrealism with this custom jacket lining. Its visual narrative spins an inspired interpretation of the renowned "Mona Lisa," with a design as complex and fascinating as the artwork it pays homage to. The deep allure of Dark Slate Gray serves as a dramatic canvas, bathed in distinctive swashes of Rosy Brown. Completing the color palette are intense hints of Dark Slate Blue, cool undertones of Steel Blue, and a soothing embrace of Cadet Blue. This visual spectacle draws you into a world of unexpected beauty, turning your jacket into more than just a garment - but a conversation starter. An object of intrigue. An exclusive piece of wearable art.

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