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Distinctive Linings

Tiger Cubism Aquamarine

Tiger Cubism Aquamarine

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Supplier code: L-001561

Unveil your unique style with our jacket lining, featuring a captivating abstract design reminiscent of the expressive style seen in late 20th-century American art. The striking color palette is a harmonizing play of tones from the nuanced light gray of Gainsboro, the understated strength of Darkslategray, the refreshing pop of Mediumaquamarine, to the depth of Darkcyan and Cadetblue. Each color contributes to a riveting visual experience sure to make a bold statement in your tailored jacket. This lining embodies an exclusive charm—the dance of elaborate tigers against a jade green backdrop creates an enticing allure— ensuring you dress as distinctively as you are. Be prepared to captivate the room with your unrivaled sophistication each time you reveal this luxurious lining of your unique, custom-made jacket.

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