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Timeless Pointillist Palette

Timeless Pointillist Palette

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Supplier code: L-001407

Experience the sophistication and intricate detail of this sublime jacket lining. Drawing inspiration from the fine art concept known as Pointillism, this design is named "Sands of Time" and features an exquisite harmony of colors.

The color palette is led by the classic yet striking hue of darkslategray, making this design an iconic piece for those who appreciate understated elegance. A playful balance of tan and dimgray subtly breaks the solidity, adding a captivating visual appeal to your custom-made jacket.

Completing the enticing visual journey, lightslategray harmonizes the composition, while glimpses of darkgray create an engaging depth and dimension. This intricately designed jacket lining truly reflects the fluidity of time through its delicate hints and streaks of color.

Perfect for those bespoke jackets, this lining promises to serve not just as an accessory, but as a testament to your unique style and attitude. An art piece on its own, this jacket lining never ceases to leave an indelible mark

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