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Turquoise Desert Brew

Turquoise Desert Brew

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Supplier code: L-001550

Imbue your garment with an exclusive touch with our Tachisme inspired jacket lining. This exclusive design, reminiscent of a glass of beer, is a blend of artistic creativity and upscale sophistication. It displays a well-curated color palette consisting of light gray, cadet blue, Peru, medium turquoise, and dark olive green.

Explore its symphony of colors, offering a unique spectacle with every gaze, from muted light gray that brings out an understated elegance to the intriguing cadet blue, giving it an edgy look. The careful infusion of Peru hue brings a sense of warmth that resonates beautifully against the cool medium turquoise backdrop. A hint of dark olive green adds a nuanced depth, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the design.

Perfect for jackets tailor-made to your personality, this lining presents an opportunity to let your style speak volumes without uttering a word. The painting-like visuals of this lining offer a dash of surreal refinement, making your jacket not just a piece of clothing, but a canvas of artistic endeavor.

Express your unique style and audacious taste with this Tachisme inspired jacket lining – making every jacket you wear a walking masterpiece.

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