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Unearthly Expressionist Blend

Unearthly Expressionist Blend

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Supplier code: L-001047

Transcending the ordinary, this jacket lining bears testament to the allure of Expressionism in fashion. With an enchanting palette of dark slate gray, dark salmon, light slate gray, firebrick, and slate gray, this lining pays homage to art, individualism and aesthetics. The composition showcases an unearthly beauty, resembling a captivating dance of colors in midnight blue and peach.

The abstract patterns lend a unique edge, making it an exclusive choice for those who appreciate the blend of culture and couture. Whether it's the hypnotic play of firebrick red against dark salmon, or the soothing rhythm of slate grays against the midnight blue, every detail contributes to this masterpiece of a lining. Ideal for a made-to-measure, custom jacket, this lining not only embodies style, but also symbolizes an artistic revolution.

internal sku: 2b4ad66d-42c0-4949-9f38-0306b5a9adb0

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