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Distinctive Linings

Unearthly Midnight Outsider

Unearthly Midnight Outsider

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Supplier code: L-001552

Presenting a seamless fusion of color and art. This jacket lining showcases a distinctive outsider art style print, capturing the enigmatic allure of Midnight Blue and the heartwarming tint of Peach. The dominant shades are an ethereal dance of Darksalmon and the deep void of Black, bewitchingly juxaposed with speckles of earthy Saddlebrown. Every stroke, every detail is a story unfolding in a riot of colors—an art-watcher's Mars rover, journeying into the lesser-explored terrains of art. The touch of Steelblue and sprinklings of Lightslategray further punctuate the canvas, enhancing its depth and dimensions. Whether you wish to make an impression or simply let your style speak for you, this jacket lining ensures your personal style stands miles apart from the crowd. Make a statement with unique, made to measure custom lining, and turn the ordinary into extraordinary. The amalgam of colors seamlessly weaves a visual tale, making the lining more than just a part of your jacket—it's a conversation starter!

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