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Urban Stijl Fusion

Urban Stijl Fusion

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Supplier code: L-001424

Experience a luxurious perspective of bespoke tailoring with this jacket lining. Inspired by the De Stijl art movement, the design is a striking homage to the synergy of simplicity and asymmetry. This superb piece is graced with a harmonious blend of darkslategray and wheat hues, beautifully juxtaposed with tones of darkkhaki, peru, and sienna.

The palette evokes a sense of being in an urban jungle, blending into its concrete edifices while standing out in its vibrant diversity. Splashes of peachy tones bring warmth, finely balanced by the mature, masculine energy of olive drab. The overall aesthetic captures a sense of elusive nost, rendering this lining an expression of style, passion, and individuality.

Custom-made for the discerning wearer, this is not just a lining for your jacket, it's an articulation of your unique sartorial statement.

internal sku: d580db77-3fdd-4208-ba6e-67160b581ed5

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