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Distinctive Linings

Verdant Objectivity Spectrum

Verdant Objectivity Spectrum

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Supplier code: L-001165

Immerse yourself in the world of unrivaled sophistication with this exclusive jacket lining. The unique design embarks on a journey into New Objectivity, inspired by the abstract interpretation of the marijuana leaf.

The color palette provides an opulent balance, subtly alternating between shades that are both striking yet understated. The darkslategray induces an aura of mystery, contrasted beautifully with soft tones of tan that lend warmth to the design.

Whispers of darkseagreen permeate the ensemble, playing harmoniously with depths of dimgray and light accents of lightslategray. The interplay of these colors culminates in a mesmerizing linework, making this lining an artistic masterpiece, designed to transform your custom-made jacket into a token of self-expression.

Amplify the aesthetic appeal of your bespoke creation with this jacket lining- a perfect embodiment of art meeting fashion.

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