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Vintage Cartography Ruby

Vintage Cartography Ruby

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Supplier code: L-001050

Take a journey into another realm with this exclusive lining, inspired by surrealism and bathed in exquisite tones of ruby red and pale gold. With a pinch of vintage cartography, the artistic touch exudes an intriguing sense of mystery and exploration, while the alluring blend of colors immediately evokes an aura of sophisticated uniqueness. The color palette spans the rich, earthy tones of brown and dark khaki, to the lighter, warm hues of wheat and the cooler, tranquil dark slate gray. This ensemble culminates in the irresistible allure of Peru, providing a distinct, characterful touch that breathes life into any custom-made jacket. Every aspect of this lining, from the artistic influence to the choice of colors, makes it an unforgettable statement of regality and individuality – a treasure map to your personal style. Venture out into the world with confidence and panache, with this lining as your secret armour. Own the room, wherever your adventures take you.

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