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Vintage Rose Cascade

Vintage Rose Cascade

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Supplier code: L-001554

Dive into the depth of an old-world charm with this unique jacket lining, beautifully displaying a vintage fabric pattern. Enriched with an aesthetically pleasing mixture of hues, including black, tan, cadet blue, dark slate gray, and subtle shades of gray, the design speaks volumes of its fine craftsmanship. The highlight of the pattern is an intricate embroidery of blue roses that adds a fresh turn to the otherwise classic design. Individually tailored for each jacket, this lining promises a distinctive touch to your custom fashion statements. As synonomous with vintage elements, the essence of this design corresponds perfectly to those who value rich traditions and are not afraid to radiate their unique personal style. Please note this is the lining only and does not include the jacket itself. Revel in the delight of its timeless appeal. Engage in this art of style seamlessly transiting through the annals of time.

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