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Distinctive Linings

Vorticist Zombie Glamour

Vorticist Zombie Glamour

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Supplier code: L-001408

Immerse yourself in a truly unique and captivating experience with our exclusive interior jacket lining. This exceptional design, inspired by the audacious and angular characteristics of Vorticism, features striking, unconventional shapes churning with the intensity of a Zombie apocalypse.
The color palette revolves around the earthly tones of brown and sienna, interspersed with the softer and calming hues of wheat and dim gray. This creates a captivating spectacle that dances with energy, adding an unexpected twist to any custom-tailored piece.
Staying true to its mesmerizing fusion of pastel gothic vibes, this jacket lining articulates a bold narrative in every thread, setting the wearer apart from the mundane. This lining is not just an enhancement to your jacket, it's a progressive vision of style and a statement of individualistic aesthetics. Though it challenges the norm, it does so with a degree of finesse, sophistication, and a charm that's hard to ignore.
Forge an exclusive path with this jacket lining, because with every wear, you are your own masterpiece.

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