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Distinctive Linings

Zebra Ascott Twilight

Zebra Ascott Twilight

What is MTMFabrics?

Supplier code: L-001573

Be Enveloped in Artistry

Drape yourself in an intimatescape of inspiration with our exclusive lining, designed with a sophisticated play of visuals.

The zebra pattern is reimagined, boasting a fresh perspective drawn in parallel lines, like a discreetly etched modern impressionism style artwork for the underside of your jacket.

The color palette used brings an unexpected harmony between courage and tranquility. The dark slate gray wields a quiet authority, blended with the organic grain of wheat color, creating a mystifying allure. In this subtle dance of colors, dim gray steps in, adding depth to the design. The hint of rosy brown acts as the perfect bridge, mellowing the contrast and easing the transition to the universal gray.

This combination of colors forms a stunning harmony that makes the piece different, striking without being loud. This is truly a lining that is designed for the confident individual who appreciates the subtle rhapsody of color and the powerful draw of unique patterns.

Designed to complement a made-to-measure jacket, this lining promises to add a layer of intricate aesthetic under your custom-tailored piece, making it not only

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