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Zentangle Slate Spectrum

Zentangle Slate Spectrum

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Supplier code: L-001357

Step up your style game with a zen piece that endorses your individuality. This unique jacket lining sashays a zentangle pattern imbued with a harmonious blend of palette, making your custom-fit jacket a fashionable visual treat.

The dominant color is a settle, yet sophisticated darkslategray that goes on to intertwine with rosybrown to create a subtle, vogue-ish appeal. Intricate patterns enmesh with lightslategray and slategray, manifesting a captivating mosaic, while dimgray spots sporadically dot the design, setting contrast and depth.

Although rooted in simplicity, this lining is bold and characteristically charismatic. It's the embodiment of style, elegance and personalisation woven into your custom jacket, speaking volumes about your refined taste for fashion and exclusivity.

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