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Zodiac Pop Constellations

Zodiac Pop Constellations

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Supplier code: L-001298

Visual Description:

Get ready to turn your jacket into a wearable masterpiece with this unique lining. Its design breathes life into the mystical zodiac constellations, all beautifully imbued with the charm of Pop Art style. The darkslategray backdrop acts as the deep, infinite expanse of the night sky, where various constellations come to life in vivid rounds. These celestial bodies dance amidst the fabric in sober hues of dimgray and lightslategray, their curvilinear forms perfectly capturing the essence of cosmic swirls. Adding a striking contrast to the scene is a warm darkkhaki - a hue as bold as mustard, harnessing the rustic spirit of a forest green and casting sparks of exciting, unexpected magic. Together, these hues intertwine across the material in a mesmerizing celestial waltz, sure to add a unique layer of depth and intrigue to your custom-made jacket. Elevate your style quotient, celebrating the artistic genius of Pop Art and the enigma of the cosmos wrapped into one vibrant lining.

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