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Zombie Chic Seagreen

Zombie Chic Seagreen

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Supplier code: L-001481

Experience a rush of invigoration as you set your eyes on this distinguished jacket lining inspired by the classical style. This admirable piece of art radiates youthful energy with a tinge of an old master's touch, portrayed through a horde of animated figures reminiscent of an intruiguing 'zombie' theme.

The dapper lining masterfully amalgamates five intoxicating shades. From tones as deep as black, and nuances as subtle as dimgray and gray, this lining oozes aristocracy. A lesser-seen, calm yet powerful hue of darkseagreen adds a dash of mystique, and the grip of slategray ties all these exotic shades together, presenting an enthralling sight for you to relish.

Custom and made-to-measure, this jacket lining is indeed a unique representation of individuality, perfect for those who appreciate poise, romance, and an inkling of the extraordinary.

internal sku: d681804e-970d-49bf-a3a0-8f8ccf17f0fb

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