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Distinctive Linings

Zombie Manner Urbane Multitude

Zombie Manner Urbane Multitude

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Supplier code: L-001351

Exuding a unique charm, this jacket lining is more than just a colorful pallet. It is dominated by dark slate gray nuances that harmoniously blend with stimulating shades of sandy brown and warm sienna. The interplay is intermittently enriched by highlights of dark khaki and subtly complemented by the soothing tones of light slate gray. Together, these tones create an intriguing yet elegant visual appeal. Drawing inspiration from the Mannerist art style, the design embellishes the lining as an elaborate pattern of stylized, living dead figures, vividly narrated in unique poses and stances. The unconventional yet captivating use of butter yellow and dark crimson gives each figure a distinct character, creating a compelling visual story. This stunning composition of colors and designs makes this jacket lining truly exclusive, tailor-made for individuals with an eye for subtle details and a taste for the artistic. Consider this lining as your personal canvas; an extension of your personality and a demonstration of your distinct taste and

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