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Zombie Urban Lettrism

Zombie Urban Lettrism

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Supplier code: L-001287

Envision a masterfully curated jacket lining that brilliantly recreates the aura of an urban jungle through its design. Passionately handcrafted, the lining showcases an intriguing juxtaposition of dark brown, khaki, and varying shades of gray, punctuated by sporadic hits of stark black.

Deriving inspiration from lettrism, the lining breathes life into the abstract concept of Zombies, merging surrealist elements with street-stylized aesthetics to add an edgy appeal. The dynamic and pulsating vibe of the design is further enhanced by the chiaroscuro effect created by the sienna undertone, adding a transformative depth to the piece.

This jacket lining is not just a way to express your unique sense of style but also an intimate journey into the world of abstract and surreal art. Effortlessly merging style with the macabre, here's your opportunity to flaunt a custom-made jacket that is visually captivating, and tirelessly evocative.

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